Fairhaven Is The New Texas Distributor For FV Talon Trellising Products

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Founded in 1996, Fairhaven’s Vine Nursery has been at the leading edge of the development of sustainable varieties for wine production throughout the continental United States. Our current production is, on the order of 180,000 finished vines per year and we are adding new and improved varieties each year.

The majority of our production is geared toward the improved transplant, and extended planting season afforded by our container grown Super Liners. These vines are 100% container grown and are delivered to your vineyard in 1 liter containers.  Unlike bareroot products that have a severely limited planting season, and an extended, slow, establishment period, the Super Liner is plantable 12 months a year in most of the continental U.S., and has a typical attrition rate of less than 1%. Establishment is robust, and vigorous, often cutting the time to production by as much as 1 year.  All vines are held until the root system, and vine branching have reached the perfect stage for transplant.

For quality wine production in difficult conditions Fairhaven has pioneered the development and culture of the American Hybrids. This extraordinary class of vines provides excellent disease tolerance and unparalleled performance in high heat and drought conditions. The production base at Fairhaven, of this heritage line of vines, is the world’s largest.

We offer a full line of versatile French American Hybrids, American Hybrids, and certain select Vinifera.

All cutting wood is selected from established disease free stock that is heat treated for 25 minutes at 122 degrees, and cleaned by a 5% Sodium Hypochlorite Bath.