Fairhaven Customer Service Comment – July 2019

“Dear Fairhaven,
WOW!  I can’t believe you shipped the replacement vines so quickly! THANK YOU! Eric and I will place further orders with you in the near future. What service! The vines are already in the ground and we can’t wait until they are grown.
Now, I have another issue for you. Unbelievably, one of the Cabernet Sauvignon vines, which I claimed to you were dead, did survive since my last garden observation right before I emailed you! SORRY! This puts Eric and I in your due! I am sending a check in the amount of $10.05, (which as near as I can figure is the cost of the plant and shipping; since $20.10 was the cost for 2 Cab plants), to cover my mistake. Turns out not 8 plants died but only 7 of the 10. I am mailing the check today.  You were so kind and since the Cab plant did actually grow, (where had it been all this time???)please accept the check and my apology for claiming 8 instead of 7.
Eric is freshly ex-army/Afghanistan and currently in law school. He has taken Sommelier courses and last Fall we agreed to start a very simple grape garden at our/his parents address. I must tell you that he was thrilled when I told him that plants had arrived! He lives an hour away and came over last Sunday and we planted all of the plants. We were shocked to find that indeed one of the Cabernet had survived!
We were stunned at your quick shipment of plants and the high quality of the stock. WE WILL be ordering more from Fairhaven Vineyards.
I am very grateful.”
Kent Brauninger