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America produces delicately flavored black fruit, rich in sweetness when fully ripe. The berries have a pleasant spicy black currant flavor, with lots of color in both flesh and juice. America is able to withstand cold temperatures, and has excellent disease resistance. This variety has potential for Port wines, or dry wines in warmer regions. Tolerates high heat and drought well.

Color: Blue, Black
Primary Use: Wine (Port/Dry Red)Table,Basket,
USDA Winter Hardiness: 4
Harvest Season: Early Season
Growth Habit: Trailing
Vigor: Vigorous
Sugg. Distance Between Vines: 8 ft
Bud Break: a few (2-3) days later than Concord
Bloom Date: a few (2-3) days later than Concord

Disease Issues
Black Rot: slightly susceptible or sensitive
Downy Mildew: slightly susceptible or sensitive
Powdery Mildew: slightly susceptible or sensitive
Botrytis: slightly susceptible or sensitive

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