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American Hybrid (LVB) cross between Lindley and Delaware. Outstanding heat and drought tolerance. Tolerates high calcium soils. Produces a loose cluster of large 25mm berries. Under the most difficult conditions Brilliant is capable of reaching 27brix.  Produces a stunning Rose’ wine with notes of fresh red raspberry, and light rose bouquet.

Color: Pink
Primary Use: Wine
USDA Winter Hardiness: 5
Harvest Season: Mid Season
Growth Habit: Semi Trailing
Vigor: Moderate
Sugg. Distance Between Vines: 8 – 10 ft.

Disease Issues
Black Rot: Slightly susceptible or sensitive
Downy Mildew: Slightly susceptible or sensitivePowdery Mildew: Moderately susceptible or sensitive
Botrytis: Slightly susceptible or sensitive

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    We will release the 2021 varieties (about 25000) around the end of April. Please monitor inventory as we post them up the same day of the release.


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