Terra Vitis Planting Mix – 2 cu. ft.




Advanced Biodynamic Soil Mix for Grapes
2 cu.ft. (56 liter) bag with slow release fertilizer does 8 vines!

Terra-Vitis Grape Planting Mix is the result of years of field trials in Fairhaven’s test vineyard. Our tests have shown this mix nearly doubles the initial growth rate! Our proprietary blend includes Canadian peat moss, organic compost, sand, and premium pine bark. The weed free mix is pre-fertilized with Fairhaven’s Vitis-Max Grape fertilizer to supply both macro and micro nutrients in a slow release from that provides feeding for new vines over a period of four months. Terra-Vitis is an organic fully Biodynamic living soil mix that includes natural starters for the development of humate complexes, and soil bacteria for the binding of nitrogen. This mix provides excellent drainage and is a one time correction to native soils at planting. Use 1/4 cu.ft. (7 liters) per vine mixed 50/50 with the native soil as a planting backfill.

Also Available in:
TERRA-VITIS 1/2 cu.ft. (14 liter) bag with slow release fertilizer
does 2 vines!       $13.00

TERRA-VITIS 1 cu.ft. (28 liter) bag with slow release fertilizerdoes 4 vines!       $22.00

**full pallets of any bag size are available for freight shipment. Contact Fairhaven Operations at 903-279-7477 for rates**

Additional information

Weight 46.00 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 in

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