Terra Vitis- The First Ever Biodynamic Grape Planting Mix

terra_vitis_1-2Terra Vitis was developed after a decade of field trials by the staff at Fairhaven. This proprietary soilless mix contains Spagnum peat, organic compost, medium pine bark, and sand. The ratio of components are designed to assure a balance of excellent drainage and aeration in a wide range of native soil types.

The most important aspect of this high tech mix is the revolutionary Biodynamics of the product. Terra Vitis contains both Humate Complex and Mycorrhiza to create the optimum root soil interaction.

Mycorrhiza is a naturally occurring soil fungi that acts symbiotically to aid in strengthening the vines drought tolerance, increasing transplant success, and mitigating contaminates in the native soil.

The addition of Natural Humate Complex aids in increasing the ion-exchange characteristics of the soil and furthers the untilization of nutrient additions to the planting site. Humate plays a critical role in soil structure by the formation of  Organo-Mineral Bridges to the surrounding aggregates.

To round out the top perofrmance of Terra Vitis, Fairhaven includes measured amounts of our specialty Grape Fertilizer ,Vitis Max. Vitis Max is a long acting, specially taylored, Organic nitrogen source, with balanced amounts of Phosphorus, and Potassium.

Terra Vitis planting soil is mixed at the planting with the native soil at a rate of 1/2 cuft per vine.