The Hand Of The Originator

The originator must have a great fund of enthusiasm, and an ambition to add something to the general fund of human development for the benefit of the world at large, and, that he may reap some personal compensation, or enjoyment, he must have an intense love of close communion with nature, causing him to admire the infinite correlated life movements; to study the loves and hates prevailing in all organic life and growth, discovering the great fundamental truth in ethics, as well as in the development of organic beings, that love breeds life, hate breeds death. Such a spirit of investigation leads the student of biology, especially when working in this field of the most practical application of the principles of biology,  to the contemplation of the all binding energies and impulses belonging to, and circulating through, by mutual reciprocation, influencing and controlling all objects, thus creating the best concept of the Self -Governed Infinite.

Thomas Volney Munson

Foundations of American Grape Culture 1909