Modular Dynamic Flow 4 Valve Drip System Complete Kit



Super 4 Valve Modular Drip System Distribution Kit 

Water Saving – Super Efficient!

Our Dynamic Flow Four Valve Distribution Kit includes everything you need to get a hobby vineyard irrigation system up and running in no time! Valves are preinstalled in this super slick heavy duty housing. Everything is included that you will need to make this hookup to your yard water system!

The kit is sized to service 72 vines in 12 rows, each 50′ in length. Standard spacing on this layout would be vines on 8′ centers with rows 10′ apart. Flexible design allows for many different configurations!

Add extra tubing, clip hangers, and emitters and this little powerhouse can handle up to 1 acre or 525 vines!

Installation instructions are included and free technical support at 903-769-4616

Kit Includes

1-Super 4 Valve Modular Distribution System

1- Hunter 4 Station Outdoor Controller

1-Roll 250′ 18Ga 5 Wire Irrigation Control Wire UF Sleeve

1- Pressure Regulating Filter Assembly

7-Power-Loc Couplings 3/4 FPT X Barb

1-Power-Loc Coupling 3/4″ MPT X Barb

1-Hose Adaptor 3/4″ FHT X  3/4″ FPT

16- Power-Loc Elbows 3/4″

4-Power-Loc Tees w/Automatic Flush Valve

12-Power-Loc Tees 3/4″

4-6″ Round Zone Valve Boxes

1- Hunter ICV Check Valve

1-3/4 X 3/4 FPT Coupling

1-1000′ 3/4″ Drip Tube Roll

150- .5GPH PC Emitters

3- Bag Drip Clips (100 ea)

1-Emitter Punch Tool

1- Power-Loc Ball Valve 3/4″

5- Power-Loc 3/4″ X 3/4″ Coupling

1-Roll Teflon Tape




Additional information

Weight 112 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 24 in

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