Vitis-Shield Grape Transplant Protectant


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Vitis-Shield The Revolutionary Grape Transplant Protectant!

Vitis shield is a high tech, non-phytotoxic, sprayable liquid that reduces wilting in newly transplanted grape vines. Controlling water loss while the root system becomes established is the key to reducing losses due to heat and wind dessication during the establishment period.

Mix at a rate of 5 ozs per gallon of water (1 qt makes 6.4 gallons of spray mix). One gallon of spray mix covers 50 transplants. Apply to vines before moving them to the planting area and then repeat application after planting is complete. Wet foliage until runoff on both upper and lower surfaces. This product naturally degrades and scales off in a matter of days leaving the foliage pristine.

Clean spray equipment with water and detergent immediately after completing application. Do not allow Vitis-Shield to dry in nozzles or tanks. Keep out of the reach of children. Follow label directions.


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